My project

My dream and project is to climb the seven summits.

The seven summits are the highest mountains on each of the seven continents. To reach the summit is considered a challenge of mountaineering; it was originally an idea of ​​the American Richard Bass dating back to the 1980s. To this date in 2016, about 416 people have successfully completed the challenge of the seven summits. Of these, only 14 are Canadians.

My partners and I are currently planning our Mt Denali ascent in Alaska for June 2018 It is the highest peak in North America, with an altitude of 20,310 feet (6190M). This will be my number one summit in the list of seven summits.

Thanks to Patrick Maguire and Christopher Peppler for joining me of this amazing adventure.

Mount Denali in Alaska - 6190 m
Mount Denali in Alaska – 6190 m

Photo credit Mike Quigley

Here is the list of the seven summits:

1- Mount Everest / 8850 m/  Asia / Himalaya / Nepal
2- Cerro Aconcagua / 6962 m / South America / Andes
3- McKinley (Denali) / 6194 m / North / America / Alaska Range
4- Kilimanjaro / 5895 m / Africa / Kilimanjaro / Tanzania
5- Elbruz / 5642 m / Europe / Caucasus / Russia
6- Mount Vinson / 4892 m / Antarctica / Ellsworth Mountains
7- Pyramid of Carstensz / 4884 m / Australia – New Guinea

Seven summits map
Seven summits map