Jean-Francois Dupras

I am Jean-Francois Dupras, a Canadian public speaker, flight attendant, philanthropist, and alpinist. While originally from Quebec, I’ve established Canmore, Alberta as my cherished home for the past two decades.


In the wake of traumatic events during my early teenage years, I found myself grappling with depression, even though I wasn’t fully conscious of it at the time.  As time went on, I embarked on a relentless quest to escape the pain that was preventing my happiness. At the age of 20, I reached a point where I contemplated ending my own life. The agony and sense of being adrift had become too much for me to bear. The years that followed were a mix of highs and lows, yet that persistent weight remained, hindering my ability to discover true contentment.


In 2015, following a work-related incident, depression once again made its unwelcome return. This time, it proved to be more than I could handle on my own. Summoning newfound strength, I sought professional assistance to heal old wounds and gain a clearer understanding of my situation.


Amid these arduous trials, my identity as a dreamer remained steadfast. This attribute repeatedly buoyed me during moments of desolation. Since childhood, my heart has gravitated toward nature and the vast outdoors. Through the embrace of nature, I unearthed my authentic self and learned to surmount my perceived limitations. The Banff region etched an enduring impression during my inaugural visit in 2001, sparking a lasting love affair with the mountains. In subsequent years, my initial ascent sparked an unwavering fervor for climbing and mountaineering.


Now, my aspiration resides in sharing my journey to illuminate the persistent misconceptions surrounding mental health.


My “Seven Summits” endeavor seeks to honor the power of dreams and zeal. Furthermore, I aim to kindle inspiration within others to rediscover their bond with nature, embrace outdoor exploits, and cultivate a life enriched by exhilarating escapades.