At the very core of my mission, “Overcoming Mental Illness One Summit at a Time,” lies an unwavering aspiration to conquer Mount Everest in May 2024. This audacious endeavor represents a multidimensional challenge, encompassing the physical, mental, and financial realms, demanding months, if not years, of painstaking preparation. It’s a journey that will test the limits of human determination.


With your unwavering support and backing, I stand ready not only to undertake this extraordinary expedition but also to ignite a blaze of inspiration within each individual. I long to encourage them to embrace and foster their unique dreams and passions.


For those eager to dive into the intricate tapestry of sponsorship and visibility opportunities, I extend a heartfelt invitation to directly connect with me via email at [email protected]


At the heart of my 2024 Mt. Everest quest lies a resolute commitment to raise the sum of $29,030—a sum symbolic of the elevation of Mount Everest itself. These funds are destined to fortify the tireless endeavors of the Quebec suicide prevention association (AQPS), a cause that resonates deeply within my mission.


United in purpose and accompanied by a group of kindred spirits, we are poised to embark on a transformative expedition in March 2024—a voyage of revelation to the Everest base camp. Within the hearts of each selected participant resides the indelible marks of the struggle against suicide. Their shared aspiration is to kindle change by sharing their stories, igniting hope and resilience. Our path, spanning 12 days of awe-inspiring adventure, will reach its crescendo at an elevation of 5,364 meters, where the Khumbu glacier bestows its majestic grace upon the foundation of our journey.


Born in 1986, the Association québécoise pour la prévention du suicide (AQPS) stands as a beacon of hope—a non-profit organization steadfast in its mission to champion the cause of suicide prevention.


Below, you’ll encounter two secure links, each a gateway for your contribution. The first link serves as a direct lifeline, extending support to cover the expenses of my Mt. Everest expedition ($40,000 USD). 


The second link, proudly bearing the name AQPS, holds the promise of empowerment—a chance for you to become an agent of change, aiding me in my mission to reach the $29,030 milestone dedicated to the Quebec suicide prevention association. 


Your heartfelt involvement holds boundless potential to shape a brighter tomorrow for those in need.





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