My Project

My dream is to climb the seven summits in the name of mental health.

The seven summits are the highest mountains on each of the seven continents. Reaching the summit of any of those mountains is considered a mountaineering challenge. The idea originated back in the 1980s with the American Richard Bass. In 2016, about 416 people had successfully completed the challenge of the seven summits. Of these, only 14 were Canadians.

Mount Everest 8848m Nepal, Asia

Aconcagua 6962m Argentina, South America

Summit reached on January 20 2020

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Denali 6194m Alaska, North America

Summit reached on June 23rd 2018

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Kilimanjaro 5896m Tanzania, Africa

Summit reached on December 12th 2018

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Elbrus 5642m Russia, Europe 

Summit reached on August 7th 2019

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Vinson 4897m Antarctica

Carstensz 4884m Indonesia