Since 2018, I’ve been fortunate to ignite the sparks of inspiration within the minds of thousands of students and educators across Canada. Seamlessly weaving my messages in both French and English, I’ve had the blessing to kindle the flames of motivation.


My story unfolds through presentations and interviews, each meticulously crafted to provide a tailored journey. Whether it’s students in search of purpose, mental health professionals cultivating well-being, the general public seeking enlightenment, or businesses aiming to empower their workforce, my unique offerings nurture the souls of everyone involved.



In these unprecedented times, the significance of mental health has reached unparalleled heights. The collective pulse of our youth and our community resonates with elevated levels of stress, depression, and a profound struggle to adapt to the shifts triggered by the pandemic.


Allow me to introduce you to my two presentations, delicately crafted to resonate both in virtual realms and the palpable presence of a gathering. These presentations illuminate the intricate landscape of mental health, inviting participants to embark on journeys of self-discovery while chasing their dreams and passions.


Overcoming Mental Illness One Summit at a Time 


This presentation is a message of hope. The goal is to increase awareness and understanding of mental health. While sharing my personal story with depression, I demonstrate that despite life’s challenges, it is possible to overcome all difficulties and be happy. We all have mental health, and it is important to take care of ourselves physically and mentally and to cultivate positive self-confidence in order to live a fulfilling and balanced life. 


During this presentation, I will explain how, thanks to my passion for climbing and the outdoors, I was able to overcome my depression. With images and videos from my latest expeditions, we set off on an adventure towards the realization of our dreams! 


Together, we learn how to end the stigma surrounding mental health, and that asking for help is a sign of courage, not weakness. 


We all have a story to tell! 


My Life My Adventure


 The goal of this presentation is to inspire people to pursue their dreams and passions, while helping participants find purpose and meaning in their lives. Each of us has a passion, a gift that is the key to our happiness. With this presentation, I want to try to show how, with determination, courage and discipline, it is possible to create the life we dream of. 


With the help of striking images and videos, I want to share with you my adventures around the world and my quest to climb the 7 summits, the highest peak on each of the seven continents. With passion and humor, I explain how I have become happier in my daily life thanks to the skills I acquired in the mountains and my ascents. 


Let the adventure begin! 


Concepts covered 



Mental Health Wellness

Personal development

Surpassing oneself




Overcoming your fears and obstacles



Each conference is adapted for various clienteles: corporate, school and general public. It lasts between 50 and 120 minutes, including a question period. It is possible to adapt my presentations to better meet your needs and your schedule.